Party lashes & how to apply them like a pro in 4 easy steps!

Party lashes, strip lashes (whatever you want to call them) enhance your natural lash to look longer than ever and are easy to apply, if you know how!

Step 1 : Rest the strip last along the lash line to see whether they need trimming to size.  It should start where the natural lashes start, and not too close to the corner of the eye as it will irritate your eyes. Trim from the outside in.  

Step 2 : Dot a layer of glue along the lash corner to corner.  wait for a few seconds to allow it to go tacky.

Step 3 : When applying the lashes place them where the natural lash starts and press the strip against the lash line in the middle and edges. 

Step 4 : Apply mascara to set the lashes together (your natural lash and strip lash) you can use eyelash tweezers or just your clean fingertips for this

Instant luscious lashes in 4 easy steps

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