New Year, fresh looking skin - Cleansing & Peeling Enzyme powder

If your like me, then you have more than likely overdone it with alcohol, chocolate, sweets, little to no exercise and hardly any water, since November! After is the season to be merry.

A great product for getting rid of dead skin cells and leaving skin refreshed and rejuvenated in readiness for welcoming 2019, is with the DraCell cleaning and peeling enzyme powder.  Boasting similar benefits to dermaplaning (minus the scalpel) it can be done in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the price.  Having got friends and family on board testing this range, it really is proving to be a winner.  A range of products will be available to purchase in stores shortly.

If you add BOXING10 at checkout you will also get a fabulous 10% off your purchases, no minimum spend.