b.you Vision Titanium Styling Irons

The new b.you VISION titanium styling iron’s ultra-sleek streamline design has trade mark Sensitive Sensor intelligence, which means that the irons turn themselves off automatically after fifteen minutes without use.
Motion sensitive sensors trigger the auto-shut off technology, so there is absolutely no danger of the iron turning itself off mid-style. Whilst the iron is in use, the sensor reacts to its Micro-programmed Control Unit. The sensors simply default without motion. For this reason, the b.you VISION iron is perfect for at-home hair styling, where children and dressing table tops will be safe from harm.
Safety isn’t the only buying incentive; the styling iron incorporates 100% titanium mirrored floating plates that ensure a non-stick performance. Gone are the days of hair pulling, tearing or snagging. As with other leading brands, the straighteners are suitable for curling, straightening and post Brazilian Keratin treatment applications. They also display a digital temperature gauge, offering a heat range of 130-210 degrees Celsius. The 360-degree swivel cord is also a key component adding to a safer and more efficient styling experience.
This innovative straightening design uses negative ions to close the hair cuticle and eliminate static. The iron is able to provide durability even under high heat, offering a rapid and even heat distribution.